• Intelligent hanging production line
    Intelligent hanging production line
    . is strictly inspected. It is carried out by our QC team who checks its biocompatibility, sanitation, wear resistance, and chemical resistance. follows an extremely strict process in product design and development. provide our customers with more high quality, cheap and excellent service.
  • Deshbandhu Group
    Deshbandhu Group
    Customer profile: Bangladesh Deshbandhu Group is a leading enterprise group in Bangladesh. Its industries include sugar, beverage, cement, ship management, real estate, clothing, and many other fields. Client company website: https://www. dbg.com.bd/. Beginning in 1989, it is a well-known group company in Bangladesh. The chairman of the group, Golam Mostafa, is a well-known economic and political figure in Bangladesh. He often attends foreign business visits with the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and is known as the "Baiyan Pine" of Bangladesh. In recent years, customers have devoted themselves to turning their garment factories into intelligent digital factories.Cooperative products: BOK intelligent production cycle line, automatic cutting bed, automatic spreading machine, CAD system and equipment, etc.
  • Robintex-Group
    Robintex Group, Bangladesh, is a manufacturer and exporter of world-renowned and high-quality clothing brands. Client company website: http://robintexbd.com/. Since 1996, we have been engaged in the manufacturing and export of composite knitted garments in Bangladesh. The customer's purpose is: Committed to industrial innovation! The overall scale of the factory is close to 10,000, and it is a large and well-known knitted garment factory in Bangladesh.Cooperative product: BOK intelligent production cycle + IE lean improvement service